The Dream I had of You

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I honestly dont know where this is coming from, why some people can wake up feelings so strong in such a short time, but they do. And I am always the one who is confused and who screws up things.

It is pretty obvious that I am gonna be writing about guys, so.... lets just get ready. 

I made a reminder for myself. To remind me how stupid I was, how I let my head control everything and mainly as a reminder that if I wont see him ever again.... Im not gonna allow myself to let that go. It might sound really bad, but it is not actually. The longer I will wear it, the more I will be aware of me being silly in some ways and hopefully change it. He is just the guy who opened my eyes.

I dont even wanna talk about him that much. I dont wanna share how I met him, or what happened. Because none of it really matters right now. I screwed the whole situation and I messed things up. I did things which put everything on display and basically I let my fear rule my life and I just... I jsut pushed him away. Not that I wanted to. No.. but I did.

And I care for him. For no apparent reason. I do know him for a while now, but its not like we talk on regular basis or have some kind of connection. But the way how I feel with him... I didnt feel broken at all. that is what scares me

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